About Us


Coming together to lather a colourful spread of joy onto your slice of life with our at ease range of lifestyle curations of clothing, home textiles and decor that breathes easy, beautiful — in colour stories for all your moods and seasons.

Curated for the times when everyone is embracing the slow life, we feel there’s a shade of colour in everything around.
Fuschia home brunches that spill over into ochre evenings, baking a loaf of banana bread together;
a tangerine impromptu long drive to a lush staycation in the lap of quiet pista green.

Just you and the hues of a brand that allow you to smile, allow you to breathe.
Introducing, Happï Space.

" I thought of this brand in the summer of 2020, when the world was going through a pandemic,

staying home had become a new normal, and would be for a long time. As family and friends dealt with the aftermath, people wanted something that would add joy to their homes, lift them up, hug them warmly. They needed products to live their best life at home. This feeling gave birth to Happï Space, of mind, body and soul. "

                                                       Jhalak Mittal

                                                  Founder and Designer